To contact the monitoring center:

If your account numbers begins with 427, D4 or 791 call 1-800-633-2677

If your account number begins with NCB, NHR or NVX call 1-800-221-0826

To update your call list or passcode CLICK HERE

To view your alarm history CLICK HERE

Testing Your Alarm System:

To be sure your alarm is working properly; we recommend you test it once a month. If you have any work done on the premises (i.e. new telephones installed, electrical alarm system repairs) you should test your system once it is completed.

To Test Your Alarm System:

  1. Call the monitoring center and tell them you want to test your alarm system. They will ask for: Your Central Station Passcode, Your Account Number, Location or Phone Number, You Name or Name of Business, The amount of time you would like the account on test or taken out of service.
  2. You can now test the system. Any alarm signals that are received will be logged at the monitoring center with no action taken.
  3. After testing the system, call the monitoring center and ask for the “test results”. You will receive a time and condition of every signal the monitoring center has received during the test.
  4. When you are finished just let the Monitoring Center Representative know you want to take your system off of test or it will go back into service when the time expires.