An intercom system is a great communications solution in any commercial building application. These systems allow for public address notification, paging of personnel, granting entry or point-to-point communication between two different locations through audio or video. Alwine Security provides reliable and flexible commercial intercom systems with a high level of voice clarity for effective point-to-point communication between different locations within your commercial facility.

Telephone Entry & Intercom Systems

Telephone intercom systems offer a clear vocal path that makes communicating to remote locations simple. Some features include: hands free communication, adjustable volume, and exceptional sound quality. Complexity ranges from inter-office systems appropriate for doctor's offices, to room-to-room or facility wide configurations perfect for warehouses and hospitals. These systems are very afordable and flexible for your facility.

Video Intercom Systems

Video intercom systems have the same benefits of a telephone intercom/entry system with the added benefit of seeing the person you are communicating with. Video intercom systems are often used when you cannot physically see who you are speaking with or you require identification before allowing someone to enter a building.